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However, the move is the latest in a series of developments that signal that economists, politiciansand the banks themselvesare becoming more pessimistic about the housing market, said David Madani of Capital Economics.

Policymakershave been tightening the screws on the mortgage market — first in Vancouver, with the foreign homebuyers’ tax, then at the federal level with the new mortgage rules, and recently in Ontario, with the province’s own tax on foreign speculators. Some of Canada’s big banks have alsobecome more vocal about risks in the mortgage market, with BMOand TD logo print Tshirt Red Burberry Cheap Sale Fast Delivery Huge Surprise Sale Online Discount Websites XnyGwZY
in Toronto. Home Capital, Canada’s largest provider of riskier non-prime mortgages, has been experiencing acrisis of confidence among its clients and a run on deposits after regulators alleged it misled investors . And now we have Moody’sdowngrade.

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It all signals a shifting mood, said Madani, who has long been an outspoken skeptic of the Canadian housing market.

Unlike many of the analysts at Canada’s big banks, Madanibelieves that Canada’s real estate frenzy will necessarily end withsome sharp drops in home prices.

“All bubbles burst, and we’ll have a major correction,” he said.

A major correction would seeprices at the national level decrease by 30 to 40 per cent, he added. That’s the kind of drop required to bring prices back in line with income levels, he noted.

The drop, however, would likely happen over time and mostly reflect an adjustment in Canada’s red-hot markets of Toronto and Vancouver, Madani said, adding that “smaller markets would see no big declines.”

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Madani thinks the slowdown may have already started, not with the crisis at Home Capital, which he says is “too small to matter,” but with the decline in home sales in Vancouver.

Although months of double-digit dropsin sales volumeshave barely had an impact one prices so far, Madani argues it’s just a matter of time.

“Usually prices follow with a lag,” he said.

READ MORE: Soaring house prices in Toronto ‘deeply troubling’ for homebuyers: mayor

In the U.S., home sales started dropping in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2006 that prices began to dip and not until 2007 that delinquencies started to rise, Madani noted.

Rizvanovic said that a Vancouver-style softening of the housing market could “easily” happen in Toronto as well.

WATCH:Larger down payments now needed from first-time buyers of homes over $500,000

So is Canada standing on the brink of a U.S.-style housing meltdown?

“That type of scenario is very difficult to imagine in Canada,” saidRizvanovic.

The NetLogo application assumes that the current working directory at startup time is the installation directory in which NetLogo.jar resides. On Mac OS X this is , on Windows this is C:\<Path to NetLogo>\app , and on linux this is <path to NetLogo>/app . The lib subdirectory (relative to the working directory) includes native libraries for Mac (is not needed on other platforms) and the natives subdirectory (relative to the working directory) includes native libraries for all platforms.

NetLogo further assumes that there will be models , docs , and extensions subdirectories of the working directory, but will look for them at a specific path if following java environment variables are set:

Here is a small but complete program that starts the full NetLogo application, opens a model, moves a slider, sets the random seed, runs the model for 50 ticks, and then prints a result:

The equivalent code in Scala:

In order to compile and run this, NetLogo.jar (from the NetLogo distribution) must be in the classpath. In addition, the lib directory (also from the NetLogo distribution) must be in same location; it contains additional libraries used by NetLogo.jar .

If you are using Scala, you'll need to make sure you are using Scala 2.9. (2.9.1, 2.9.2, and 2.9.3 are all acceptable.) Other versions such as 2.10 will not work.

Note the use of EventQueue.invokeAndWait to ensure that a method is called from the right thread. This is because most of the methods on the App class may only be called some certain threads. Most of the methods may only be called from the AWT event queue thread; but a few methods, such as main() and commmand() , may only be called from threads other than the AWT event queue thread (such as, in this example, the main thread).

Rather than continuing to discuss this example in full detail, we refer you to the NetLogo API Specification , which documents all of the ins and outs of the classes and methods used above. Additional methods are available as well.

The example code in this case is very similar to the previous example, but with methods on an instance of the HeadlessWorkspace class substituted for static methods on App .

And in Clojure:

In order to compile and run this, NetLogo.jar must be in your classpath. The lib directory, containing additional required libraries, must also be present. When running in a context that does not support a graphical display, the system property java.awt.headless must be true, to force the VM to run in headless mode.

Since there is no GUI, NetLogo primitives which send output to the command center or output area now go to standard output instead. TROUSERS Casual trousers Despite Clearance Best Store To Get Latest b7Ioi3
can still be used to save the model's state. export-view works for writing an image file with a snapshot of the (otherwise invisible) 2D view. The report() method is useful for getting results out of the model and into your extension code.

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Protozoa on Wikipedia ; and our 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica disclaimer .
37780 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica , Volume 22

PROTOZOA (Gr. πρῶτος , first, and ζῷον , living thing), the name given by modern zoologists to the animalcules, for the most part microscopic, which were termed by the older naturalists Infusoria, from the manner in which they appear in infusions containing decaying animal and vegetable matter. The name Infusoria is now, however, restricted to one of the four classes which comprise the Protozoa proper. The name Protozoa was coined as far back as 1820 as an equivalent for the German word Urthiere , meaning animals of primitive or archaic nature, the forms of animal life which may be supposed to have been the first that appeared upon our globe. The great naturalist C. T. von Siebold was, however, the first to give a scientific definition to the group. Von Siebold pointed out that in the Protozoa the individual was always a single vital unit or cell , in contrast with the higher division of the animal kingdom, the Metazoa, in which the body is generally, though not universally, regarded as composed of many such units. To put the matter briefly and somewhat technically: the Protozoa are unicellular animals, the Metazoa multicellular animals; in the Protozoa the cell is complete in itself, both morphologically and physiologically, and is capable of maintaining a separate and independent existence in suitable surroundings, like any other organism; in the Metazoa the cells are differentiated for the performance of distinct functions and combined together to form the various tissues of which the body is built up, and the individual cells of the Metazoan body are not capable of maintaining a separate existence apart from their fellows. This is the sense in which the term Protozoa is used by zoologists, whereby certain forms of animal life, which were formerly ranked as Protozoa, such as sponges and rotifers, are now definitely excluded from the group and classed as Metazoa.

The animal kingdom may be divided, therefore, into two sub-kingdoms, the Protozoa and the Metazoa, the first-named characterized by their essentially unicellular nature. This is a criterion by which it is easy to define the Protozoa from a purely zoological standpoint, but which becomes less satisfactory when we take into consideration the whole range of microscopic unicellular organisms. Besides the true Protozoa, which, ex hypothesi , are organisms of animal nature, there are many other organisms of equally simple organization, including the Bacteria and the unicellular plants. The Bacteria stand sharply apart from the other forms of life, not only, in many cases, by their divergent methods of metabolism, but by morphological characteristics, such as the definite body-form limited by a distinct envelope, the absence of organs for locomotion other than the peculiar flagella, and, above all, by the lack of any differentiation of the body-protoplasm into nucleus and cytoplasm, as in all true cells of either animal or vegetable nature. On the other hand, to separate by hard-and-fast definitions the unicellular plants from the unicellular animals is not only difficult but practically impossible. The essential difference between plant and animal is a physiological one, a difference in the method of nutrition. A typical green plant is able to live independently of other organisms and to build up its substance from simple gases in the air and inorganic salts in the soil or water, provided that certain conditions of light and moisture be present in its environment; this is the so-called holophytic method of nutrition. A typical animal, on the other hand, while practically independent of sunlight, is not able to exist apart from other living organisms, since it is not able to build up its substance from simple chemical constituents like a plant, but must be supplied with ready-made proteids in its food, for which it requires other organisms, either plants or animals; this is the so-called holozoic method of nutrition. Intermediate between these two habits of life is the so-called saprophytic habit, exemplified by the fungi amongst plants; in this method of nutrition the organism cannot build up its substance entirely from inorganic substances, but absorbs the organic substances present in solutions containing organic salts or decaying animal or vegetable matter.

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